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Inhaling sticks containing your favorite essential oil blends.

Purifying: A blend of oils determined to fight cold and flu season.
Easy Breather: A refreshing aromatic experience that opens congested airways.

Irresistible Conditioner

A fantastic conditioner that works from within! Keratin hydrolysate proteins penetrate the hair shaft to strengthen fibers, increase shine, and smooth hair cuticles.

Carob extract increases hair shaft diameter, increasing volume weightlessly, for even fine hair.

Lemon protein boosts shine, adds moisture and reduces static.

Indulge yourself with nature first luxury!
Stage 2 product

4 or 8 ounce bottle.


Valentine's gift bag FREE SHIPPING

Celebrate the most powerful force in the universe, with maitri SPA!

A limited edition, custom designed gift bag containing:

1 - 4 ounce Bliss massage oil
1 - mint lip balm tubes
1 - cafe lip balm tubes
1 - travel size body lotion (1 ounce)
1 - travel size body wash (1 ounce)

Available until February 7.


CRP body wash (cleans, restores, protects)

Cleans: removes dirt, soil, rancid sebum (body oils)
Restores: replenishes the body's natural moisturization factor (NMF)
Protects: your body from trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL)

Extra thick to stay put while shaving, a low foaming body wash formulated with natural ingredients. Reduces Hygral fatigue, nourishes skin, reduces trans-epidermal water loss. Your skin will be completely refreshed, cleaned, conditioned and pampered!
Stage 1 product
8 or 18 ounce bottle